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Setting an Appointment

Appointments must be made by referral only, either by a specialist and/or GP.

There are several factors you should consider when booking an appointment. Ask to book your appointment at a time of day when you are feeling your best. If have questions and concerns you'd like to discuss, arrange for a longer appointment (if possible).

Keep a record of questions and concerns you wish to discuss with Dr. Muresan. This can include medication you are currently taking, symptoms you might be experiencing, and/or a condition you are currently living with.

If possible, bring a support person with you – someone who understands the issues you are facing to accompany you to your appointment. This person can not only provide assistance, but also lend emotional support. And when needed, they can help clarify your concerns.

Communicating with your doctor is very important. In developing a relationship with your doctor, it is important to have shared expectations. You should expect your doctor to be honest, listen to your comments, and explain things to you in a way you understand. In return, your doctor may expect you to be open, cooperate with their treatment plan, as well as ask questions when you don't understand. It is important to discuss whether these expectations are realistic and can be met.

Take note of your doctor's answers to your questions so that you can refer to them later. And as with any relationship, if you are not happy with the way things are going with your doctor, talk about it honestly and openly.


The appointment date given is considered a ‘reservation’ and must be confirmed by the patient (1 week prior to appointment)